26 June 2009

More uses for kimchi

So, I had some noodles from the Thai restaurant near work for lunch yesterday. There were enough leftovers to be worth saving but not enough for a full meal. And I have this home-made kimchi -- so I brought it to work and stirred a bunch of it into my freshly microwaved noodles.

Who knew? It worked great! They are astoundingly complementary flavors. It's great that this stuff is easier to use than I had feared.

Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to start a new batch and document the making of it here.

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Jeremy said...

Off topic, but I thought I'd mention that I responded to your question about game literature over at the Video Game Spaces blog in case you hadn't seen it. Sorry for the slow reply, I'm bad at remembering to respond to things sometimes, plus the wife and I are trying to prepare for a move in a few weeks. ;)