27 January 2009

I'm an illiterate boob

I'm educated. Sort of. I have degrees from university. And I can participate in most conversations. But sometimes I get the feeling that I really have just the tiniest hint of a proper education. The thing that causes that this time is reading through the list of 1000 novels everyone must read as selected by The Guardian.

I've only read 61.

I've seen motion picture renditions of another 20-25 of them, but that doesn't really count.

There are a few more that I started and stopped, but those don't count either.


Cathy Weeks said...

Just reading the list is an accomplishment! I've never even heard of many of them, and I'm an English major.

Marchosias said...

And after looking at their list, they're missing quite a few that I would consider "must reads."
Nothing from Ayn Rand, Ursla K. LeGuin, Orson Scott Card, nor Piers Anthony - those are huge omissions that render the entire list suspect.

Christopher Weeks said...

Actually, two works by LeGuin were on the list...y'know, just to be fair. And yeah, I'm surprised that Ender's Game and Atlas Shrugged (at least) aren't on the list.