09 February 2008


I've been making whole oat groats for breakfast lately. First we were making steel-cut oats for the increased nutritive and taste value. And I figured if less-processed = more nutrition, why not whole oats? So we mastered that and they're great! But what about other grains? We (everyone) make rice that way all the time, right? And it works for oats very nicely. So when I was buying a bag of oats out of the bulk section at my local natural foods coop, I noticed Rye right next "door." So I got some.

In the end it took over an hour and a half to simmer to the texture that I like and I used about 2 cups of rye...uh...groats(?) or kernels(?) or whatever and ten cups of water. But it's super good. More flavorful than oats or rice -- kind of nutty (and smells like bread), but the texture's not as nice. It was totally worth doing and I'll have it for breakfast in the morning, but I bet that I'll stick with oats in the end.

These three pictures show the rye before, during and after cooking. If you happen to be crazy-interested, click on any of them for blow-ups.

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